1. Terror

From the recording The Slow Learners

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Written By Ed

©2006 The Slow Learners

i am an american my colors never ran
terrorists come and jack my land for lonely grains of sand
they get a knife and i'll get a gun
they get a gun and i'll get a grenade
they get a grenade and i'll get a rocket launcher
an airplane a battleship a navy destroyer
a tomahawk cruise missle to handle small arms fire

i am an american my colors never ran
Come at me or one of mine don't forget that the devils my friend
i'll hunt you down and let him loose and then
you'll realize sticks and stones are all you'll have left
i'll kill your mother, your father, your uncles and cousins
your pets, your plants and the people that you're with
your sister, your neighbor, your brother and their kids
anyone they knew and the government they're in, yeah

i'll set your dog on fire
and make you reap the words from in the bible
just like hitler at the end in berlin
there's nothing you can do to stop us from comin' in
i'll smoke ya out of your hole
And make you scream you wish you were never born
may god have mercy on your soul
cause i assure you none of me or mine are going to at all

I am an american my colors never ran