About Us

The Slow Learners is more of a community then a band. The Slow Learners don’t always win them over or blow them away or any of that stuff that bands love to do in their bios. Funny and self-aware....band bios are so this and that these days. Boo to your pretentious noise...opps couldn’t help but join in a little. The internet is one big contradiction anyway, embrace damn it! Special Ed & company do what they do and want you to do the same for yourself.

The Slow Learners are playing select live shows. Making a point to develop their sound, or to at least ponder the past, put it towards the future and maybe smoke some cigarettes while they’re at it. Always trying to do their own thing, wishing the same to you and yours. If you read this far, your attention span is equal to or greater then all the band members put together.

Playing original roots-rock with a hard blues edge, The Slow Learners really are a throwback to the glory days of soul and groove. Our influences range from The Band and Bob Dylan through Steve Cropper and Basehead, then on to Moby Grape and Joe Strummer -- with a touch of Lenny Bruce and John Belushi thrown in for flavor.  

Current members:

Sweet B

Ed Jentsch

Aaron Burroughs

Eric Frit

Ed Danoff


Past Learners:

Joey aka Wilson

Paul Palombo *Mia 

John Stagg *Retired

Sam Broe

Chris Saia whereabouts unknown 

Tony Lewis Cornet

Jay Nichols

Pat Fisher

Mick Mcmonagle

Bill Euler *Rip

Mr. Kraig B. Greff *Rip

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